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This is weapons-grade rock and roll. It’s not for the faint of heart; it’s not pop, or trendy, it’s music played hard and fast by people who perform hard and fast. There was an effortless, casual violence to the thing, like someone destroying a piano with a sledgehammer – not out of anger but just because it amuses them. Their recorded music good, but their stage show is better. - Steve Watkins,

The Virgin Wolves cut new paths in a familiar jungle of rock genres that call to mind everything from Blue Cheer to Fu Manchu, from the black-magic backdrop of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins to the big, round doom sounds of Wolfmother.
But the real treat is witnessing the show, because it’s all smash-the-TV mood music unleashed by a unique combo platter of personalities who can’t help but have the time of their lives playing it for you. -Alan Ayo,

After hearing the album all the way through, we instantly added it to the regular shuffle of our current favorites and set out to see them live again soon. That’s one other dire component you can’t overlook with these guys – their live shows actually stand up to the record’s hype. -Brenna Rushing, Pegasus News

Gritty rockers The Virgin Wolves spared no small talk with their in-your-face rock for the headlining spot on Friday. Lead singer and true rock star Jaimeson Robbins stole the show with her raging vocals and frenetic movements. The Denton group undeniably personified the sinister blues sounds of one of Jack White’s side projects, The Dead Weather. The young band had a calm and confident onstage swagger: They're rock n’ roll through-and-through.

-Jessica Harp, Pegasus News

What are the plans for the future?
Jaimeson: "We will probably just continue to pillage and plunder until someone locks us up. That's the plan, anyway." -Rachel Watts, Dallas Observer

They know how to get down and dirty, tell a shipwrecked story, break some shit and get out before anybody realizes the walls just burnt down to the ground. ... He plays the type of guitar that seeps into your very consciousness without you even realizing it. ...The Virgin Wolves will leave their stain on Rock N Roll as innovators of the genre. -Robbie Love,

 I will be sexually satisfied for probably about a year...just because the music is that good. -Seth Falkner, Urban Coffee

The opening riff is quite killer, and this song is vying for the title of "Best Hard Rock Anthem of the Year". I challenge anyone to put out a more rocking song in the remaining months of 2010. ... This particular track shares a certain sonic common ground with bands like The Strokes and Jet, but adds an aggressive, driving beat not found in the previous bands. -The Ghost of Blind Lemon

If you haven't heard The Virgin Wolves play, they are a must hear. Better yet, go see them at a venue as they are a must see. Just be ready to lose your listening virginity. -Mike Taylor, The Examiner

was about to grab you by your lashes and take your eyes hostage for the band's ten song set. Her presence and persona kept you fixated as she performed her own version of metal aerobics with just enough stage sensuality - Concert Review The Examiner-

showed no mercy to the women and children as he took his Fender amps to levels worthy of noise compliance status.
- Concert Review The Examiner-

With her fiery red hair being indicative of her playing style, Leigh contributes her own musical prowess and sexuality, all the while taking advantage of her bass guitar like a weekend boy toy.- Concert Review The Examiner-

If you weren't head bobbing to the drums of Steve Phillips... by now, maybe you should have stayed home and watched reruns of Barney.- Concert Review The Examiner-

Just as the opening verse in this song says, 'Slick shoes, black jacket, devil's come to collect his dues', The Virgin Wolves have also come to collect. Their dues are mandatory. It's time to pay up and pet the wolf. - Concert Review The Examiner-


Drawing inspiration from artists like Led Zeppelin and legendary bluesman Howlin' Wolf, The Virgin Wolves are predominantly upbeat rock 'n roll with a twist of fierce, bluesy, in your face vocals. Their live shows are unparalleled in terms of energy and sex appeal.

Guitarist Chase Robbins and vocalist Jaimeson Robbins, who alongside a single Macbook, formed The Virgin Wolves in early 2010 by playing venues and house shows in the North Texas area.  With the addition of bass player Kristin Leigh and drummer Steve Phillips, their live show was catapulted to a new level of energy. In late 2010, guitarist Carson Coldiron became the fifth and final member added to the band's rock 'n roll repertoire, filling out their overall sound. What started as humble beginnings, steadily developed into one of the best indie rock ‘n roll-blues bands in the region.

TVW has been featured on “The Local Show," on Dallas's Clear Channel station 102.1 The Edge, as well as radio stations ranging from Houston to Maine. In just a short time on the scene, the band has garnered the attention of numerous music blogs, college newspapers and various other media outlets. Their first EP, "V,"  released in June of 2010, set the stage for the band to play larger shows, as they began drawing in an eager and diverse audience. In March 2011, TVW played the 35  Conferette, Denton's annual music festival which boasts larger national acts such as Reggie Watts, Mavis Staples, Dr. Dog and more. One month later they released "Bad Blood," their second and most highly praised EP, for which audiences have responded to with excitement.  During the summer of 2011, The Virgin Wolves toured up and down the East Coast, making fans and impressing venues, leaving a lasting and longing impression wherever they went. This year, TVW has opened for such acts as The Darkness, and has begun pre-production for their third studio album, and first full length, set to be released December 21st, 2012.

As Robbie D. Love from puts it, "We definitely believe The Virgin Wolves will leave their stain on rock 'n roll as innovators of the genre. They know how to get down and dirty, tell a shipwrecked story, break some shit and get out before anybody realizes the walls just burnt down to the ground."

Bio By: Rachel Watts Contributing Writer with and, and Kristin Spencer.
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